Many celebrities have been wearing wigs these days for their videos and movies. Wether its for fun or the real deal wigs are still great! I wear extensions from time to time so it’s quite similar. Some women and girls have beautiful hair,  some are not that lucky and some loose hair due to illnesses, so wigs are always good!

Two of my favourites from  http://www.buywigs.co.uk/ :

                     get this here                                                        get this here

I love these wigs, especially the one on the left because it’s so different to my hair and I think if I was going to a fancy dress party I would definitely want to buy one of these. It would totally change the way I look and I have proof so keep reading!

If you own a wig already check out a few steps how to look after and store your wig right here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2274183_store-wig.html.

Check out some bad wig and weave celebrity photos: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/photos/40127/2/Worst-Celebrity-Wigs-Weaves

And also, what do you think?? Does a blonde bob suit me? So different to my hair!! :D


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