Hey guys! Sorry for not posting.. I’ve been pretty busy running around getting last bits for my holiday and other times being too lazy to function. Yesterday I layed in bed all day and at night around 2am my two best friends called me on skype and we talked for 2 hours until I fell asleep haha


Today it was a big seach for a suitcase.. I wanted a plastic one so we drove to about 7 different shops until we found what we wanted.. although it seemed pretty big in the shop when I tried packing it wouldnt close so I had to remove a lot of clothes.. but seriously.. I dont think there’s a suitcase big enough for me. I really hate packing and I had thd hardest time doing it today..


Tomorrow Im still going into college to hang my work because I didnt get enough time on Friday as I had to paint my exibition space and I had the worst luck ever.. kept getting white paint all over me..



Anyway.. I watched a few films in the past couple of days and I just want to recommend ‘The hidden face’. One of the best films I have seen in the past few months ;).

Also sorry for the long text.. I’m writing this post from my phone as the internet in my house is not working at the moment.. sight :(
Hope everyone is well! x



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