Yesterday was a big celebration in Lithuania. It’s the shortest night of the year and everyone gets together around a fire and young people just party all night long! I got ready, met up with my friends, walked around for a little bit and then made our way to the party!Got a cute rose each from a guy who was having his groom party!
When we got there the first 30 minutes were a bit quite.. everyone is a bit shy.. and then the party started!Sorry for phone pictures! Camera is getting fixed and should be done soon. The party was great. Had a lot of fun and nearly broke my nose… haha… we were playing a game.. well it’s a long story but i feel flat on my face and my nose started bleeding and now it hurts a lot! Not cool! Everyone is writing to me today asking if my face hurts…. lol..
We got home at about 6-6:30am and went straight to bed!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and those who celebrate Jonines hope you had fun!
There are a lot of videos.. maybe I’ll make one tonight! Now I’m off for some fresh air and water in the sun!

See ya!


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