DIY – ombre waist coat

So a few weeks ago I saw Rugile’s post about her waist coat and decided to try something like that too. I waited untill I am in Lithuania to do that as I knew I can get a great denim jacket for very cheap. I got my jacket from a second hand store for 2lt which is about 50p and started experimenting! First of all I cut off the sleeves to make it into a waist coat. Then all I done was put it into bleach and it done the job very fast! I also brought my metal studs with me so I decided to add them to the jacket.. what do you think??


23 thoughts on “DIY – ombre waist coat

  1. Kur įsigyjai tų metaliukų, kuriuos pritvirtinai prie liemenės? (: Galvoju ar Lietuvoj įmanoma rasti ar teks užsisakyti.

  2. Kniedžių būna pirkti senojoje maksimoje kur netoli babilono kas iš Panevėžio, o šiaip ieškokit siuvimo reikmenų parduotuvėse. Šiaip labai liuks atrodo!

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