My week

Hey! Sorry for not posting for nearly a whole week. I was away for a few days. Let’s see…
On Thursday me and my sister decided to go out for lunch, I had the biggest craving for my favourite soup.
Then after that I met up with my friends and we just hung out.. I think that’s really all we did that day.. oh and I met up with my other friends later on in the night. Then the next morning me and Perla went to Ieva’s house to tan and chill out.Later that day i went away with my friends, to a beautiful place with tents.. I hate staying in tents and having no electricity mainly because you can’t charge your phone and straighten your hair. But it was all good. A really great weekend. But sadly….. NO ONE took a camera. How silly is that??? And everyone’s phone’s charged out the first day.. so there’s only about 10 pictures from the whole weekend all together and a few videos from a video camera. I’ll try to get those up here. Came back very burnt and with mosquito bites all over my face… not cool.
Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend! I had one of the best weekends ever! Who were you supporting tonight?? I was supporting Italy.. poor choice.. Ha!
Loving my DIY waist coat! Many people have asked me and now I’m answering here : Do not mix the bleach with water!! Ok, goodnight!

P.S sorry for the long post. xx



10 thoughts on “My week

  1. Kokia graži paskutinė nuotrauka!
    Kaip galima fotiko nepasiimti,kai varai kur nors? :D maniškis tai visada su manimi :D

  2. Gabriele, norejau paklaust…Tu buvai nusifilmavusi some boy klipe, tave pakviete i atranka?labai idomu kaip viskas vyko :-)

  3. norejau paklausti, kur Anglijoje perki visus tuos metaliukus, spygliukus ir t.t.? esu UK dabar, paciai ju reikia, o nezinau net kur bandyti ieskoti :D

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