I’m finally back! I had no time at all to post anything here! I went to Palanga, it was really unplanned and I had such a great time! More posts coming soon!

Last Tuesday, Arnas invited us to go to Karjerai so we got ready, picked everyone up, stopped at a supermarket and drove there. We had loads of fun. So happy that the weather is finally really good again! (Unfortunately the camera was set to b&w, but thankfully we saw that and fixed the problem pretty soon). 

In the evening me and Miranda chilled out and then went to Arnas’ place with a few friends. Me and Miranda were feeling really crazy…The night was pretty fun, but something made us really angry and at 6am we decided we want to go to Palanga, on our own in the morning. We woke up, found someone who can take us there, and left. Didn’t know where we are gonna live and what we are gonna do but  I am so glad and happy we did that!


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