Palanga – day2

Sorry for the delay, I was waiting for pictures from Aine, but she still can’t send it to me, so I’ll do the posts with my own pictures and then add her’s in into one post at the end.

On the second day, we woke up very early and went out to find somewhere to live, and we did! So we were very very happy and were finally able to relax and enjoy our time there. We got ready and left for the beach.We had to leave the beach pretty early because Aine and Gintare were coming to Palanga and we had to take them to their ‘palace’ :D haha. They were not happy with their living conditions! And me and Miranda found it very funny :D Then we left the girls to get ready for the beach while me&M went shopping to get some food and then got ready for the evening. I decided to get a tattoo that stays on for a week:)(greita istorija- gintare ismete netycia tase savo, ir iskrito sampe.. o ji net nemate tos sampes nes mixas irgi iskrito, pasijuokem, as nufotkinau.. bet gavosi taip kad as juokiaus is sampes o ji is mixo.. kai sedejom po valandos prie juros.. sampes nerado tasej.. sakau ‘gi nukrito’ :DD tai begom basom su ginte per visa basanke labai labai greitai kaip kokios nesveikos… ir spekit radom sampe ar ne? RADOM! atrodem tikrai kaip durneles, ypac kai begom atgal basom, su sampes bonke :D.
Viliuka sutikom :p And then Miranda decided to get a tattoo too.After all that was done, we were on our way to the beach :)bloggers!:D (

After sitting there for quite some time, we decided to go eat dinner. Then after eating we felt very crazy.. and done some naughty things :DKAUNAI :DDDDDDDDDDDDdsorry bet nesveiki bernai.. :DD padarem klaida kad davem nr savo.. kita diena skambinejo kas 3 minutes kokias 5 valandas.. o nr davem kad greiciau atsiknistu.. jie dar majakino pazet ar tikrai tie nr…. :DDD o vienas is ju pasakojo kaip jis laikrodi uzsieni pirko uz 8 eurus ir jam tas kitas bernas sako ‘Brooooli, nepirk, sulysim i bankrota!’ :DDD

Sorry for my quick stories in Lithuanian, next post in a few hours!

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