Of course me being me… I forgot to mention I had my first tattoo done a few days ago. Seeing as there is only two tattoo salons in my city in Lithuania and they were both closed for holidays (annoying!!!) I had to get mine done at some girls house who is a professional. When I got there and told her I want it on my finger.. she told me it’s one of the places that hurts the most… and I was about to leave.. but then of course I pulled myself together and let her begin Yes, it did hurt. Please don’t ask why a cross. It’s personal.And here’s my little photoshoot with my tattoo… :DD

As it’s only been a few days.. it has a scab on top and looks wonky :( .. can’t wait for it to be normal!  What do you guys think?

Back to the UK

Yesterday I got back around 7am as I said already.. left half of my stuff in Lithuania as it didn’t fit in my suitcase :( Got home and went straight to bed.. and slept until 4pm until my parents friends came over and brought our dog back.. (they looked after him while our parents were gone). Then I just chilled out in bed all day. Today me and my sister met up with Gabriele, we had a little shopping spree and now we are back at mine just chilling and talking about everything that happened in these 2 months apart!I was shocked by the prices in VS.. one bra is like £45.. so crazy! :DWe were debating on which meat to get.. we had a choice of pork and chicken.. and we started talking Lithuanian infront of the guy who was taking our order.. and he spoke Lithuanian to us.. so then we had a little chat and when it was time to pay (we only ordered the wraps) he said ‘that will be £12.90…. oh just give me £10’ :D so I was a bit confused and gave him £10. Then he asked us what drinks we are gonna have even though we didnt order any.. so we said what we want and he said we dont have to pay..! :D And then he realised the other guy put the wrong meat in our wraps so he put extra bits of meat in a plate for us.. for free! Everything should of been more than £20.. and we paid £10. He was only 17.. I sent my sister to give him her facebook :DDDPrettyy laddy


I had the best summer. I said that a lot already. But I am not gonna stop saying it!

Ačiū jums draugai, už viską. Tie du mėnesiai praleisti su jumis buvo patys geriausi. Tiek daug nuveikėm kartu! Labai jūsų pasiilgsiu!:* Greit susitiksim!

And now some pictures from 2 last parties we had before I left. Oh yeah.. I got back this morning, flew into London at around 7am. It was so hard to leave Lithuania, especially this year, harder than it has ever been. But I’ll be ok…

1 Year

On the 17th of this month, it was a year since I started writing this blog. I wanted to blog on the day but I simply didn’t, for no reason. I am sorry for not blogging properly. Of course I can see that my posts are different right now, more about parties and not about fashion, outfits and my shopping hauls like always. I’m trying to spend my last days in Lithuania, with my best friends and I simply do not have the time to blog! I promise, it will get better when I get back to the UK. That is happening on Sunday. I really wanna go home for a few reasons (University, Braces and my home!!!) But also I dont wanna leave.. all my best friends are here and I will miss them so so much!

So.. it’s been a year.. wow! Hopefully you’ll keep reading! I wanna thank everyone who reads my blog. Nearly half a million views in a year!