Of course me being me… I forgot to mention I had my first tattoo done a few days ago. Seeing as there is only two tattoo salons in my city in Lithuania and they were both closed for holidays (annoying!!!) I had to get mine done at some girls house who is a professional. When I got there and told her I want it on my finger.. she told me it’s one of the places that hurts the most… and I was about to leave.. but then of course I pulled myself together and let her begin Yes, it did hurt. Please don’t ask why a cross. It’s personal.And here’s my little photoshoot with my tattoo… :DD

As it’s only been a few days.. it has a scab on top and looks wonky :( .. can’t wait for it to be normal!  What do you guys think?


18 thoughts on “Tattoo

  1. Galima paklaust kiek kainavo ir kiek laiko darė? SVAJONIŲ SVAJONĖ!!!!!!! Nerealiai atrodo, o nuotraukos išvis SUPER!!!

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