My favourite shows

So finally I’m making a post about my favourite TV shows so you can check them out if you like them!

So America’s Next Top Model is back on, and I have never missed a season of this amazing show full of crazy and creative people! As I am very interested in fashion, models and so on I find this very interesting and of course it’s fun to watch as a whole! This time it’s very different because it’s a college edition AND the fans got to vote for who they want to stay and go in the competition! And ofcourse Rob Evans is a judge.. ahhhhhh ♥

Next on my list is Modern Family. When I tell people about it, they never check it out! And that annoys me, because it’s such an amazing show! One of the funniest ever actually. I am in love with it. Every single character is really really crazy and makes you laugh so much. Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria is my favourite though! The show has won so many great awards. Definitely worth watching!

90210 has been my favourite show for a very long time, but I am still not entirely happy with the new season, there was only two episodes but I’m hoping it will get better. This TV program is for people who like films and shows about high school, teenagers and expensive things. I guess you either love this or gossip girl. Ok… maybe both.. but I do not like Gossip Girl.. it just doesn’t stick to me! Neither do things like Vampire diaries and True Blood! The promos actually don’t show how good the show is. :(

Now let’s talk about a show that probably half of my readers watch.. Pretty Little Liars. Oh, I think everyone loves that show. Full of lies, intrigues, dramas, fights, deaths and romance. Possibly one of the most interesting shows, it messes with your head but you just love it. And ofcourse all the actresses and actors are really hot!

2 Broke Girls! Gosh I love this show so much!! I can ever get enough! You will fall in love with this show, I promise :)

Another great show is New Girl, Zoe Deschanel is just so crazy and funny! And of course extremely dopey, when it comes to the show. She moves in with three guys and this is what the show is about, it’s great fun. :)

Has anyone seen Awkward? Such a funny show, have you guys realised that I mainly watch funny shows? haha, I can’t get enough of them! So this is another funny one, about high school and kind of remind me of Mean Girls in a way. It’s an MTV show so it’s a bit different to the others but still very funny and enjoyable! (not a great trailer).

Two and a half men! I love love love this show! I only started watching it when my love Ashton Kutcher started acting, because it was like a new start, but I am planning on watching from the start soon. This show is very funny, yes another funny show.

And last but certainly not least, possibly the best for me right now is How I met your mother. I started watching it from the very first episode a few weeks ago and it has been taking me ages, but I just finished the 4th season now, onto the 5th one and actually the 8th season has just aired, but I’ll get there! This is the funniest show ever, Barney is my favourite character ofcourse, but the others are not far off. I recommend this to you, this is the best show ever! I am not sure the trailers help, but just incase! ;)

This took me waaaaayyy too long! If this has helped you, please comment and let me know! Thanks, much appreciated! :)


15 thoughts on “My favourite shows

  1. aaaw, pll, 2broke girls, new girl nuostabus… O himym tai is vis nerealus,as nesenai pradejau ziuret ir jau 6sezona baigiu! :D

  2. Gerai, kad parasei toki posta, labai praverte! Siulyciau pabandyt the big bang theory tau paziuret, kazkuo panasus i two and a half men ir i himym!

  3. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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