New tattoo idea

Before I had my first tattoo done, people used to always say ‘Once you get inked once, you’ll want to get inked again, it’s like an addiction’. Well I never believed that. I always said ‘If I get one tattoo, that will be it’. And actually for the first month after my tattoo I was sure that will be the only one EVER. But guess what? I want another tattoo! And I found the best  thing ever, look at this. The sleeve looks amazing but I know I would regret it when I’m older! But look at the last image (red rose), omg I am inlove.

I think maybe I should get a temporary one, that way I will only have it on my arm for a few months! Sounds good to me! Btw if you’re wondering how my tattoo is looking right now, here’s a picture! 


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