Changing your tumblr theme

Hey! I get about 20 people a day asking me how to  change the theme on tumblr and you have to understand I do not have time to sit there and explain it to every single person. Here is a quick tutorial that should help you.

If you like the theme on someone’s tumblr and you want it, click on install theme:You’ll then be redirected to another profile which is the person who makes the themes. Click on ‘themes’: Then you can choose which theme you want..Once you’ve chosen the one, click on it and then click ‘get the code’:Then a long long code will appear, the best thing to do is to copy it by pressing ctrl and A together and then copying it. Your next step is to go on your own tumblr page and click on Customize:Now you’re in your editing place. Click on ‘Edit html’:
Now all you have to do is delete the old code and paste in the new one. So press ctrl and A and then delete. And after that all you do is press paste:Now your new code should be there! You can click preview or save! Also, here you can change the colours of your design and the title:Hope this helped! Make sure you comment if you did! :)


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