My birthday presents

The 6 pictures above, all those little things are from my girl friends, all of these were in a big box in the post below. Its not really a serious present, in Lithuania most of the time when you turn 18 your friends give you a funny present. :D

This drinking roulette is form my boy friends (not boyfriends!) :D.

I also received money, and still have 4 un gived presents, that I’ll get soon! :D I realised nearly everything I got is pink. WHY? People think I like pink alot, I mean I like it, but  I dont LOVE the colour pink! lol

18th Birthday

As you all know last Saturday I celebrated my 18th birthday. Here are the pictures.

I’m not going to write about each photo, but just going to say that I had a good birthday and thanks to everyone who made it that way. I received loads of flowers and presents, but I’ll do a separate posts on presents. It doesn’t feel like I’m 18, and I actually just used my ID for the first time yesterday to buy beer. I guess I don’t feel like I’m 18, because I still look at my  self as a child, I’m still young and I wish I could be forever young! Just to think that I’m 19 in a year.. oh my god. I’m an adult by the age, and a kid inside ;)

PS. thank you all for you birthday wishes. Sorry for not writing here, I just didnt have the time and couldnt really bring myself to write here, but today I read other blogs, and realised I LOVE WRITING A BLOG. I love it! So from today, posts every day, or every other day!

Oh god

sorry for not writing here again! I’m in Lithuania and I’ve been having so much fun with my friends I couldn’t be bothered to take pictures or write here. Tomorrow we’re celebrating my 18th birthday, so that should be good! I cant wait for it, but also at the same time I’m very nervous. I don’t know why :( So yeah, birthday pictures should be here on Monday so look out! ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

Sorry once again!

One of my recent photoshop images ;)