Yesterday I ended up wondering around my house, going through photo albums.. and I decided to do a post about my childhood. I had the best child hood anyone could ask for.. that doesn’t mean I was spoilt to death and had everything I wanted.. no. But the beauty pageants, the modelling and all those great days are always going to be in my heart. Have a look at some pictures.

Best childhood ever. <3

New mascara

Today i bought myself the new Maybelline New York ‘cat eyes’ mascara. The tube is soo cute, and it was on sale so I immediately went for it. I tried it when i got home straight away.

So, this is the normal Maybelline new york, the colossal volum express.

And this is what my eyelashes look like with the new ‘cat eyes’ mascara. Kind of stuck together, when you look up close :D

Anyway, I would definitely recommend it! ;)