DIY – ombre waist coat

So a few weeks ago I saw Rugile’s post about her waist coat and decided to try something like that too. I waited untill I am in Lithuania to do that as I knew I can get a great denim jacket for very cheap. I got my jacket from a second hand store for 2lt which is about 50p and started experimenting! First of all I cut off the sleeves to make it into a waist coat. Then all I done was put it into bleach and it done the job very fast! I also brought my metal studs with me so I decided to add them to the jacket.. what do you think??

Ombre shirt

Was very bored yesterday so decided to do something to a shirt. Just used a plain white shire from school times and used blue dye that looks purple :| Kinda messed up on the bit where the colour goes through to the lighter one because I used a rubber band, and also when I put in into the washing machine with purple shorts the whole shirt went from white to purple/blue. Anyway, looks pretty cool :) You can try that at home, it’s so easy! I’m obsessed with DIY right now.


Today I had a package waiting for me and didn’t understand what it was.. and when I opened it I found studs.. and I actually ordered them like 2 months ago and completely forgot about it.. took so long to get here from China or something. Straight away I felt the need to experiment! (Sorry for low quality photos).

DIY dyed denim shorts -results

Here are the results.. from the previous post (here).

These look really really good in real life!

Totally messed up with this pair.. :(

Red ones…. hmmm time will tell if I will be wearing these.. they look weird.

Anyway, I might add some studs and stuff to make it look better. But these are the finished shorts. More practise and maybe I will make myself a pair that looks like Runwaydreamz shorts :-D :-D . Now I’m gonna dye my hair (what’s up with me dyeing things today? :-D ) and then catch up with Desperate Housewives. Have a good evening xox

D.I.Y Dyed Denim Shorts…

Everyone is going crazy about the Runwaydreamz shorts (here)  and honestly I can’t afford $150 shorts. I’m sure there are many people who are like me and so I’ve asked my aunt to buy me fabric dye and I got it in the post this morning and was instantly ready to do my shorts! So here is what I did…
First of all here’s the video which helped me do it all:

Ok so after I’ve watched it a few times I was ready. I chose 1 pair of shorts that I already had and I cut 2 jeans that I don’t wear any more.I also cut off the bottoms bits of the shorts because I want them to be frayed. Then what I done is used scissors to really scratch them shorts up because when you wash them they will also become frayed in them places.

The next step was to dye the shorts.. I must say it’s kinda hard to do it.. I had a few problems but it’s all good now.. my fingers are nice and blue! :D

And the last step was washing the shorts.. So check back in about an hour for a post about my new shorts! :)