Movie night!

Was watching a Michael Jackson video earlier (Black or White) and saw Macaulay Culkin in it and that just instantly made me want to watch Home Alone! Finally, after having some pizza and talking to a few good friends on Skype I’m now ready to watch it! Hopefully this puts me in the Christmas mood! :) 

Have a great start to the week  xox


Today was spent in bed until 6, then I started getting ready to meet Ieva. We met her old friend from Lithuania and spent a good hour or two in a shisha bar in west end. Had the best humus ever, couldn’t decide between mango,banana and strawberry milkshake so they done a mixed one and minty shisha was amazing. Great evening! Of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do something wrong.. I took my camera, but forgot the card!!!!! So annoying! Oxford street was looking very pretty and of course I only had my phone to take pictures with! But still.. look how pretty!

This has brought some Christmas spirit into me, before I saw this I wasn’t feeling like Christmas is near..and that my birthday is in exactly one month! 19.. wow.


Today I woke up pretty late, probably because I went to sleep at 5am the previous night. I got ready, my mother decided she needs some pictures so posed for her and then went off to Uni. When I got there I didn’t really do anything, just printed my work and went Starbucks with Agne. Pointless journey to University today. Tomorrow is my assessment, hope it goes well! London was so foggy today :o Wish I took a picture :( Yum yum yum!
Hat weather already! :((
Stopped to get a sunbed… and some Lithuanian food!

Weekend in instagram pics

1. Chilling with hardly any make-up on.         2. Looks good, wasn’t good. (Frozen Yogurt).
3. Brother being silly :)                                   4. Me,Ieva+Agne taking our daily elevator pic.

5. Mango jacket.                                               6. Autumn=hot chocolate every evening.
7. And again..                                                   8. Nandos 5 times in a week. Still love it.

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Stay tunned! xox

18th September

Today we had a trip to the National Gallery.. we had to draw different parts from different paintings and then create a new creature! I am becoming ill and I have no idea what came into my head when I decided to wear a skirt today!!! Crazy me..I dug out my Vans from 2007 or something.. forgot I had them. :D

Paid a crazy price for this simple bacon&egg sandwich.. would of paid less in Starbucks! :D

Little bit of summer

Camping was not like I had hoped. Even though the day time was hot on Saturday.. the night was extremely cold, and I had to sleep with 2 trousers, 2 jumpers, big woolly socks and a scarf.. and of course all my quilts from home, and I was still freezing. The beach was not as sandy as we thought and my internet connection was the worst you can imagine. But I just kept telling myself that this is the last hot weekend this year, and slowly calmed myself down. Hope everyone’s had a good weekend! xox

Lovely lunch.

Love my sister’s bracelet.

I opened my book about 20 times, but only read 1 page… I guess that’s what happens when you have 5 little kids running around you.