New tattoo idea

Before I had my first tattoo done, people used to always say ‘Once you get inked once, you’ll want to get inked again, it’s like an addiction’. Well I never believed that. I always said ‘If I get one tattoo, that will be it’. And actually for the first month after my tattoo I was sure that will be the only one EVER. But guess what? I want another tattoo! And I found the best  thing ever, look at this. The sleeve looks amazing but I know I would regret it when I’m older! But look at the last image (red rose), omg I am inlove.

I think maybe I should get a temporary one, that way I will only have it on my arm for a few months! Sounds good to me! Btw if you’re wondering how my tattoo is looking right now, here’s a picture! 

This evening..

Ieva was insisting we do something tonight, so I got ready and then we decided to stay in, so to make sure I didn’t completely get ready for nothing I decided to take some pictures, which I haven’t done for a while actually because I’ve been so busy! Don’t mind the lips, I was imitating my friend George and his 1 million dollar duck face! hahaha!

New In – prints

Few new things I picked up this weekend. Prints and black&white. Love it! The Mango jacket was first on my list.. I wanted the red one but unfortunately they were out of stock and the white one is pretty good too so I thought I’d take it.

Cant wait to style these and get the outfit pictures on here for you guys!

The 1st lipstick from the left.. I got a few weeks back.. and picked up two more yesterday. Just love light colours.

jacket Mango / blouses+make-up bag Primark / jeans h&m / lipsticks&eyeliner BarryM / mascara Rimmel /


Photoshoot images

Ok guys, I didn’t mention this here, but I had a photoshoot on Friday with the a photographer named Chris Jarvis. Here are the images. We had 6 different outfits, but unfortunately  I really don’t like my face in some so I wont be uploading many. Hope you like what I do show though! Let me tell you something.. having to hold REAL crow wings next to your face is not the best feeling in the world.. haha! 

Photographer: Chris Jarvis
Make up: Tori Harris


Many celebrities have been wearing wigs these days for their videos and movies. Wether its for fun or the real deal wigs are still great! I wear extensions from time to time so it’s quite similar. Some women and girls have beautiful hair,  some are not that lucky and some loose hair due to illnesses, so wigs are always good!

Two of my favourites from :

                     get this here                                                        get this here

I love these wigs, especially the one on the left because it’s so different to my hair and I think if I was going to a fancy dress party I would definitely want to buy one of these. It would totally change the way I look and I have proof so keep reading!

If you own a wig already check out a few steps how to look after and store your wig right here:

Check out some bad wig and weave celebrity photos:

And also, what do you think?? Does a blonde bob suit me? So different to my hair!! :D

Britney Spears Perfume.

We all probably know Britney Spears and her amazing perfume collection. I’ve probably used all of the perfume’s she has before. But my all time favourites are Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. For girls who love sweet smelling perfumes I recommend Britney Spears! Best perfume ever, and actually not as expensive as some other big named perfumes. At the moment I’m just finishing this bottle that I got in December: It smells amazing! One of my favourite perfumes of all time!

Here are some links for Britney Spears perfume’s for a reasonable price:

Also check out Britney’s official website : !