Crest whitening strips

I finally thought to give Crest whitening strips a go! I ordered the 7 day routine from Ebay, which was only about £7.You put it on your upper and lower teeth and keep it there for 5 minutes. Simple!  I’m only on day 4 now, and I’m not actually sure its working. Well I must say my teeth do look whiter, but not white! I will get back to you about this in a few days!

Plans failed.

Me and Gabriele had plans to go out with a couple of friends on Friday night, but it didn’t happen, so we decided to go Westfield in Stratford, because I wanted to get a handbag, but I didn’t find the one I wanted, so because the night was such a fail we just got our selves Boost smoothies, and sat in Westfield for an hour. 
I cant even explain how nice these smoothies are. Better than Starbucks! AND they have a great skinny menu, if you’re on a diet. But its low in calories even if you get one of the main ones. Its so yummy.
Then today we woke up, and she decided to tint my eye brows and eye lashes. She’s studying Beauty and Therapy in college, and she’s learning how to do beauty and things like massages, and facials.
I was a bit scared I will be left with no lashes or eye brows but it was all good :)