New York part 3

Hey I tolally forgot that I havent done NY part 3 yet.. So long story short.. I went to New York  in May last year and I wasnt writing a blog then but I thought I might aswell share the pictures with you guys. So here’s part1 and part2 if you wanna catch up..

Best food I have ever eaten. When I go back to NY I’m definitely going there!
Oh yes!Love the way they count the calories everywhere!And some images from Madame Tussauds.. I was in a really funny mood. :D

New York part 2

The rest of the images from New York. :)

I was so so lucky to get to see my cousins in New York, who I haven’t seen since 2007. We grew up together in Lithuania, and then they moved to Chicago in 2003 I think. It was lovely seeing them, and they flew all the way to New York. Miss them.

Best sweets I have ever had, and the only sweets I liked in America.

I have been to a lot of Disney shops in the UK, but I must say, the one in Times Square, was just amazing! Everything is so perfect there <3

I must say I was lucky to travel to New York at the age of 17, with my bestfriend, no parents! I had a great time, every single day was interesting, I miss it so much.

Watch out for part3 of New York images.

NYC part 1

Finally have time for New York pictures. Hope you like them!

Best breakfast ever!

Beautiful hand made purses.

Cute little wellie shoes!

On the first night in New York, we went to a Diner in New Jersey. Had a really nice meal, and Pinna Colada’s with my friends grandmother and her crazy ass friend! You obviously have to be 21 to drink in USA, but that lady somehow got us the drinks, and we are 17. lol!

10 minutes of fame in Times Square! We had to make a purchase in American Eagle, and we got our picture taken and it was put up on the big screen in Times Square.

Had to try Domino’s in America! It actually wasn’t as good as the English Domino’s.


More pictures next time!