heeeeey, I am now feeling like I want to stop blogging.. I don’t know if it’s just because I am tired from University or if I wanna stop for a while. Maybe I’ll be back and maybe I won’t. I love blogging but I do not have time any more and I feel like I’m letting my readers down. My last posts have been all phone pictures and no outfit photos and tips or beauty or fashion and I feel like I have to force myself to write in here. Thanks for reading, hope you understand this. <3

For Lithuanian Readers Only

Sorry readers, this post is about an event in Lithuania so please look out for another post in English soon.

Šį kartą rašau lietuviškai, nes noriu jums pranešti kad šį sekmadienį, rugsėjo 16-tą, Mokytojų Namų Kiemelyje Vilniuje – Blogerių Blusturgis!!! 15 ar netgi daugiau šaunių ir stilingų blogerių iš Lietuvos, susirinks būtent čia ir pardavinės savo drabužius! Kas gi gali būti geriau? Taip kad, panelės, nieko kito neplanuokit, visi renkasi čia!

University student!

I’m starting uni tomorrow and I am so excited!! I know how much work is gonna be expected from me, and I am not one of those people who can spend hours doing work.. so I am really gonna push myself this year! For those of you who still don’t know, I’m studying a Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (design&media).  So I’ll be doing things like Interior Design, Architecture, Photography, Fashion Design, Graphics and so on…

Good luck to all of you in your studies this year!
Can not believe I’m gonna have such an ugly picture for a whole year!! :DD :(