Shooting at Carnaby street

A few friends from uni asked us if we could help out with their video for their project and we were more than happy to! They had to make like an advert for Dr.Martens so we done it in Carnaby street which was so Christmasy and beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the video soon! We saw the finished thing already and it’s pretty sick!

Cool cool! Speaking of Dr.Martens.. check these out! 


Ok, first night with lots of sleep. I am thinking straight now and ofcourse a few comments made me realise that I do not have to blog everyday so yeah, I’ll keep this blog going because it’s something I love, you know. Check out this picture Marley Hutchinson took and check out his photography website. I’m his number 1 fan, you can be numbers 2, 3 and so on! yeah, not looking my best but check out the amazing editing!

Marley’s website:

Tim Walker – Story teller

Today was mine and Ieva’s exibition day. We decided to visit two great exibitions going on right now. The first was at Somerset House, Tim Walker’s exibition called Story teller. I can honestly say that was the best one i have EVER been to. So pretty and magical, he really done well by choosing the Somerset house for this. It’s beautiful inside and out. Have a look for your self.Google him and have a look at his amazing work! :)


This week it was Fashion&Textiles. I really enjoyed it and I think there is one area I’m interested in. We had to design things out of paper. Thank god I have no Uni tomorrow, other wise I would be dead.. I feel so tired and drained… My work is for you to judge..This dress was made by me and 2 other students on the first day of our fashion week. Sadly we couldn’t keep it. Today I started making something but it didn’t really work out but here are the pictures..

A big thanks to Ieva for posing!

And here are some pictures of Ieva’s design and me posing..

Think I’m gonna fall into bed now..

Final photography project

This is what’s going on with my final project pictures right now.. there’s still a few pictures to edit, and still a few things to change on these but I’m getting there! My work is inspired by Philip Paulus who done amazing fashion shots,that Rihanna copied for her video.
It’s a bit sad that I had to direct the shoot and pose in it too.. because my sister had the flu and didn’t want to pose for me, but I’m sure it will be fine! I can not wait to finish this off and just forget about Photography for a few years! Art&Design next year!

What are your thoughts about this?