Party time

Saturday was very eventful for me, the people who were at the party will know! haha But anyway, Jamie and Rob turned 20 (actually Rob turns 20 in a few days) and we welcomed them to the grown-up world. Not that we know what it’s like being a grown up! Not teens anymore! Sad times ahah. Anyway, here are some pictures from the partaaay.

The next morning was just dreadful, thought I won’t survive that day! ahaa Me, Ieva and Marley went for breakfast at a random hut in a park, and it was pretty good, but I felt so sick, I couldn’t eat it! :( Anyway, great message from someone on the mirror ;)

Cool idea for a birthday present

So on Saturday we went to Rob&Jamie’s 20th birthday party and of course being as creative as we are ( :))) ) we decided to make a cool present that they would really like! We had a few ideas, one including a gold fish but then we found out the fish couldn’t live in a certain object and had to let go of the brilliant plan… Anywayyy it was so cool and it’s a great gift for anyone!

p.s don’t mind the girly wrapping paper.. aha

p.p.s We bought the jars and filled them with all kinds of sweets like tictacs,mentos and other things and made the labels our selves and everything whats written on them is from our heads!

So pretty!

Skaiste’s Sweet Sixteen!

Today was my best friends Skaistes 16th birthday! We already made champagne showers at 12am on the night of August 16th going to 17th.
She was really cold and smelt of champagne after that! But you’re 16 only once in your life, and to be honest I think that’s the best year. Its the year when you go from a young teen, to a proper teenager, young adult. In these years you start to turn into an adult more and more and you explore the meaning of life.

Me and the birthday princess!

From me, Skaiste received a Babyliss hair straightener, but instead of giving it to her today, on her birthday, I gave it to her on the 14th of July, at 4am. That was when i arrived at Panevezys, Lithuania and Skaiste came to greet me!

Happy birthday once again!