Mini shopping haul

Today me and my sister went to get something from the shopping centre. I was going to get a new watch from River Island, because they have really nice watches, but the River Island is getting refurbished in my shopping centre, so it was closed. Anyway I got a few bits and bobs from primark.

Everyone knows, that primark PJ’s are the best! :D

Cute knickers..

And really cute slipper socks. :D They’re so comfortable! I actually stole my sisters ones, so I’m giving her the pink pair in return..haha


Am I the only one who always ends up with my arm chairs looking like this at the end of the weekend? I obviously always tidy up either on Monday because I have no college or even Sunday night. But all these clothes end up here when I’m getting ready for Friday night, Saturday and then Sunday when I’m just at home, ant change 3 times because I take pictures. It really annoys me to see this view in my room but I just cant help it. Anyone else¬†experiencing¬†this problem?