Shooting at Carnaby street

A few friends from uni asked us if we could help out with their video for their project and we were more than happy to! They had to make like an advert for Dr.Martens so we done it in Carnaby street which was so Christmasy and beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the video soon! We saw the finished thing already and it’s pretty sick!

Cool cool! Speaking of Dr.Martens.. check these out! 

Holiday wishlist

Birthday and Christmas is coming up and it’s time for a annual wishlist on my blog! 

1. D&G  l’imperatrice 3 perfume
2. Victoria’s Secret sweats
3. Mac dark berry lipstick
4. Canon 600D
5. Victoria’s Secret beauty products
6. Cute backpack, this one’s by VS
7. Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ perfume
8. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens
9. Amazing Zara heels

What’s on your wishlist this season?


Party weekend

Hey! Had two fun nights out for Halloween this weekend. One more to go but more on that later. On Friday we went to a warehouse for a night full of dancing and cool costumes! Really enjoyed our selves and got home around 5 in the morning! Damn I was tired. But here, have a look at the pictures :)

All wrapped up, ready for our journey home. England is getting colder and colder.. gosh. Anyway, on Saturday I woke up around 4pm and decided to lay in bed for a few hours because I was hanging. Got out of bed, looked at myself and decided I can’t be asked to do anything.. so pinned my hair up into some sort of bird’s nest,done my make-up, drew some whiskers on and was ready to go!  The night was better than I expected and we had loads of fun… and got home at 7am! Craaazy!  And here’s a quick preview of my outfit tomorrow Can’t wait for you to see the whole thing! Stay tuned and have a great Halloween if you do celebrate! This year’s pumpkins!:)

Little black jacket

After the Tim Walker exhibition we headed to the Saatchi gallery to see the Little Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld. It was very interesting but still not as good as the first one we went to, don’t think anything ever will be! ha! But yeah, the point of this was that every person wore the same jacket by Chanel but it’s styled differently, customized and so on. So yeah, it was pretty amazing and we got a cool poster too! Making of video: