Party time

Saturday was very eventful for me, the people who were at the party will know! haha But anyway, Jamie and Rob turned 20 (actually Rob turns 20 in a few days) and we welcomed them to the grown-up world. Not that we know what it’s like being a grown up! Not teens anymore! Sad times ahah. Anyway, here are some pictures from the partaaay.

The next morning was just dreadful, thought I won’t survive that day! ahaa Me, Ieva and Marley went for breakfast at a random hut in a park, and it was pretty good, but I felt so sick, I couldn’t eat it! :( Anyway, great message from someone on the mirror ;)

Cool idea for a birthday present

So on Saturday we went to Rob&Jamie’s 20th birthday party and of course being as creative as we are ( :))) ) we decided to make a cool present that they would really like! We had a few ideas, one including a gold fish but then we found out the fish couldn’t live in a certain object and had to let go of the brilliant plan… Anywayyy it was so cool and it’s a great gift for anyone!

p.s don’t mind the girly wrapping paper.. aha

p.p.s We bought the jars and filled them with all kinds of sweets like tictacs,mentos and other things and made the labels our selves and everything whats written on them is from our heads!

So pretty!


Today was spent in bed until 6, then I started getting ready to meet Ieva. We met her old friend from Lithuania and spent a good hour or two in a shisha bar in west end. Had the best humus ever, couldn’t decide between mango,banana and strawberry milkshake so they done a mixed one and minty shisha was amazing. Great evening! Of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do something wrong.. I took my camera, but forgot the card!!!!! So annoying! Oxford street was looking very pretty and of course I only had my phone to take pictures with! But still.. look how pretty!

This has brought some Christmas spirit into me, before I saw this I wasn’t feeling like Christmas is near..and that my birthday is in exactly one month! 19.. wow.


Hey you guys! I am extremely tired but feel the need to come here and express everything that I am feeling and give you something to read! Basically this weekend our Uni hosted the Mozilla Festival where many people including people from Japan, USA and Canada came together to do all sorts of things I don’t really know about. Obviously as a student ambassador I got asked to work there as IT support. So my whole weekend was spent there eating food and helping people out! Great fun, but so tired! /Labuka! Si savaitgali universitete vyko Mozilla festivalis, na Firefox. Visi zinot. Reikejo dirbti mum tenais ir musu darbas buvo padeti zmonem prisijungti prie interneto… bet visi jau buvo prisijunge nuo penktadienio kai mes nedirbom tad mes nieko neveikem tik valgem nemokama maista ir gerem karsta sokolada kas dvi valandas ir uz tai mums moka pinigus :D Sekmadieni isgerem vynelio po ‘darbo’ nes buvo labai labai daug nemokamo maisto ir alkoholio :D puse susinesem i savo spinteles kad snd butu ka valgyt :DD Siandien sugryzom i universiteta ir viskas buvo vel tvarkinga kaip ir pries tai net keista pasidare kad taip greit viska sutvarke! (Nepykit kad be visu varneliu ir visu kitu š rasau :D labai tingiu! )

Off to ‘work’ on Saturday! ^

Ready to go! ^


Morning hot choc! ^


Hello firefox! ^


New pet! ^

Another hot chocolate and a failed cat??? ^

Brunch and Lunch on Saturday! Oh yummy! ^

Next morning, nice and early! ^

Breakfast time ^

Morning hot choc again! ^

Wine wine wine! Look out for another post with all the photo booth pictures.!

Party weekend

Hey! Had two fun nights out for Halloween this weekend. One more to go but more on that later. On Friday we went to a warehouse for a night full of dancing and cool costumes! Really enjoyed our selves and got home around 5 in the morning! Damn I was tired. But here, have a look at the pictures :)

All wrapped up, ready for our journey home. England is getting colder and colder.. gosh. Anyway, on Saturday I woke up around 4pm and decided to lay in bed for a few hours because I was hanging. Got out of bed, looked at myself and decided I can’t be asked to do anything.. so pinned my hair up into some sort of bird’s nest,done my make-up, drew some whiskers on and was ready to go!  The night was better than I expected and we had loads of fun… and got home at 7am! Craaazy!  And here’s a quick preview of my outfit tomorrow Can’t wait for you to see the whole thing! Stay tuned and have a great Halloween if you do celebrate! This year’s pumpkins!:)


I love my friends, and I really want to share this with you guys. I have the best friends in the whole world. Most of them live 1785.77 kilometres away, and its really hard for me. Yes we talk on Skype, Facebook and so on, but its not the same. I’m always scared of losing my friends because of distance. I have lost a few friends because of that. I know as you grow up, people leave and you just have to be ok with it, but I really hope it doesn’t happen.
I love having boy friends. Not boyfriends, but boy-friends. Especially the ones you can trust. Sometimes they can be better friends than girls. It means so so much when they tell you they miss you, its just different.
I have the type of friends, who come and meet me at 4am, because I just arrived to Lithuania. The type who call me at 6am because they’re drunk, and keep me on the phone for an hour because they want to tell me what happened at the party. The type who come and stay with me in England, for 2 weeks. The type who eat food out of my plate without even asking. The type who forgive my mistakes. The type who know to buy loads of food because I’m coming over. The type who are always there to help. I love having friends like that. I’m so happy I have these friends, they are not perfect, we fight, we argue, but at the end of the day we are there for each other.