Shooting at Carnaby street

A few friends from uni asked us if we could help out with their video for their project and we were more than happy to! They had to make like an advert for Dr.Martens so we done it in Carnaby street which was so Christmasy and beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the video soon! We saw the finished thing already and it’s pretty sick!

Cool cool! Speaking of Dr.Martens.. check these out! 

Holiday wishlist

Birthday and Christmas is coming up and it’s time for a annual wishlist on my blog! 

1. D&G  l’imperatrice 3 perfume
2. Victoria’s Secret sweats
3. Mac dark berry lipstick
4. Canon 600D
5. Victoria’s Secret beauty products
6. Cute backpack, this one’s by VS
7. Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ perfume
8. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens
9. Amazing Zara heels

What’s on your wishlist this season?


New In – prints

Few new things I picked up this weekend. Prints and black&white. Love it! The Mango jacket was first on my list.. I wanted the red one but unfortunately they were out of stock and the white one is pretty good too so I thought I’d take it.

Cant wait to style these and get the outfit pictures on here for you guys!

The 1st lipstick from the left.. I got a few weeks back.. and picked up two more yesterday. Just love light colours.

jacket Mango / blouses+make-up bag Primark / jeans h&m / lipsticks&eyeliner BarryM / mascara Rimmel /