Cool idea for a birthday present

So on Saturday we went to Rob&Jamie’s 20th birthday party and of course being as creative as we are ( :))) ) we decided to make a cool present that they would really like! We had a few ideas, one including a gold fish but then we found out the fish couldn’t live in a certain object and had to let go of the brilliant plan… Anywayyy it was so cool and it’s a great gift for anyone!

p.s don’t mind the girly wrapping paper.. aha

p.p.s We bought the jars and filled them with all kinds of sweets like tictacs,mentos and other things and made the labels our selves and everything whats written on them is from our heads!

So pretty!

When plans fail..

When I was sitting in college today, I knew in my head that today I HAVE to go out. I can not stay at home tonight. Got home, planned to go to a club in Mayfair, London… and plans failed. GREAT. Just my luck, had to be Friday 13th..  So I sat there thinking of last minute ideas for the night and couldn’t think of anything as it was late already.. Depression kicked in, and I ran to my local shop to get some junk food. The last thing I can do is watch movies… Hopefully the rest of my weekend is fun.

Sweeeet Heaven

I spent my Friday night out with my friend Gabriele. We went Nando’s for dinner, in Canary Wharf. I started moaning when waiting for my food, because I had to wait for 25 minutes :( Anyway, later we walked around Canary Wharf, and got some really nice sweets. I must say that the blue little sweets were the best! So rich in taste! We didn’t really like any other ones, they didn’t compare to the blue sweets haha. Today is bon-fire night in the UK, and its the night when everyone does fire works. I don’t like it at all, and think it’s pointless.. :D


I didn’t do anything this Halloween, I’m waiting until I’m 18 and I can go out clubbing on this day. I did dress up to take my little brother ‘trick or treating’. A few weeks ago I bought a really pretty dress, and when I took pictures with it, people told me I look like Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family’.

So as I said I took my little brother Trick Or Treating, and it wasn’t very good this year.. not many people had sweets, and some lady even said ‘I thought Halloween was on Saturday’ :D.. silly lady.. Anyway he got some sweets..

I stole a few :P

Greedy Saturday

Yesterday I met up with Elle and Gabriele, and I let myself eat too much..

First we all went to Nandos, and Nandos is my favourite chicken place in the world. But I left unhappy and still hungry. It wasn’t as nice yesterday :(

Later on, we had Chinese in Tottenham Court Road. Its the best place to have chinese. I had chicken noodles with salt&pepper chicken. My mouth was on fire after that meal.

And to end the night we stuck with junk food. I seriously need to stop eating crap..